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For 10+ years our philosophy is that we meet the invidual needs and interests of every child that walks through the door. Our focused curriculum is formed from the needs of each individual child. Each student leaves our school socially and academically prepared. 

Standards of Excellence

Our teachers are fully certified. We also require all lead teachers to take classes throughout the year, including Safety and First Aid. 


Community Engagement

We also believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. Engaging the community can open up a whole new world for your child, which is why we strive to expose them to as much as is age appropriate. We have a relationship with the area's assisted living home, the local fire department, dentist, and more. Throughout the year we engage in songs, crafts and fun activities with the elderly, field trips that are education and fun, and with classroom visitors to help your child's growth and development. 



Free breakfast is provided each morning, as well as a nutritious rotating school lunch for a small fee. 


Parent Involvement

The Learning Tree welcomes as much time as you are able to give the school. We feel that a firm connection between home and school will allow your child to feel more secure. We host Back-to-School Night each October, two parent/teacher conferences a year and numerous opportunities (such as Grandparents Breakfasts and Parent Reading Days) for parents to come into the classroom throughout the year. 


Potty Training

Your child does NOT need to be potty trained. We will help your child through the process when YOU feel he/she is ready. We will follow your lead, or help guide you through the process. 



Specialties unique to our school include one day dropoff, flexible schedules, and holiday and vacation care. We also offer discounts to parents of multiple siblings, EMT workers, police officers and firemen. We have iPads in every classroom, and a monthly computer class that explores robotics, microscopes, basic keyboarding and more. Additional special classes include Yoga, Music and Movement, Sign Language classes and more.    



Located in a church newly rennovated to maximize learning potential within the environment, our school features a spacious indoor gym and an outdoor playgroud.  


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